Tadváradcel    Tadváradcel alphabet

Tadváradcel, which means "language of wind" is a constructed language invented by Sarah Maiocchi for use in a in a fantasy world called Gaeden. She later invented an alphabet to write it. The language is supposed to sound like wind with the various voiceless fricatives and affricates.

Notable features

  • Type of writing system: alphabet with three vowel diacritics written below the consonants
  • Direction of writing: left to right or right to left in horizontal lines
  • Used to write: Tadváradcel

Tadváradcel alphabet


  • The letters wrd and tyss often are more dental than plain [d t]. Also, srasth as a tap is preferred over the trill, and sometimes it’s devoiced.
  • The letters ghrirh, esliëb, clá, and lodhs take the secondary pronunciations following low vowels, and esliëb is said [b] when preceding sonorants.
  • The letter sthö is less of a consonant cluster and more of an alveolar [θ].
  • Where two representations of the letters “y” and “sth” are shown, the left one is the more common handwritten form.
  • The rows of letters are arranged according to their sound aspect (according to Tadváradcel speakers).
  • The first row is that of voice, “flasá.” The second is that of wind, “tadvár.” The third is that of earth, “reassc,” and the last row is of stone, “lóev.” The sound [h] is a class all its own, of silence, “adva.”

Diacritics and punctuation

  • The snake mark lengthens the duration of a given vowel, and has no effect on pronunciation. The moon mark causes some lowering or un-rounding of vowels with the exception of [a]. The river mark, especially word-finally, tends to serve grammatical purposes. The river mark often is written attached directly to the corresponding vowel.
  • The snake mark can be romanized with an acute accent, the moon mark with a grave accent, and the river mark with either an umlaut or circumflex.
  • The interrogative and exclamatory punctuation can be embedded within a sentence, though there is no such marking in the spoken language. The exclamatory symbol can be used also for declarative and imperative sentences.

Sample text

Sample text in Tadváradcel alphabet

If you have any questions about Tadváradcel, you can contact Sarah at: sem80+@pitt.edu

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