SpaceKees    SpaceKees alphabet

The SpaceKees alphabet was invented by Kees Commandeur as an alternative alphabet for Dutch and English. He also tried to give the letters a form which felt natural for them, as if the form he made was already present in the sound of the letter.

Notable features

  • Type of writing system: alphabet
  • Direction of writing: left to right in horizontal lines
  • Used to write: Dutch, English and other European languages. The pronounciation follows the language-use of the writer
  • When writen by hand, the vowel signs are added to the preceeding consonant signs

SpaceKees alphabet

SpaceKees alphabet

SpaceKees numerals

SpaceKees numerals

SpaceKees sample text

Sample text in SpaceKees

Download a SpaceKees font (TrueType format, 35K)

If you have any questions about SpaceKees, you can contact Merrill at: merrill[dot]sierra-resource[dot]com

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