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The Sorur alphabet was created by Alex Gómez to write in his conlang, Otsilian, named after its speakers, an alien race from a fictional world called Otsilia (Otsileol) which was also invented by Alex. The word Sorur simply means 'writing'. Sorur is notably based on the southern Asia alphasyllabaries, like Devanagari, however it works more similar to an abjad. Otsilian has no nasal phonemes because its original speakers have no nose.

Notable Features

  • Type of writing system: abjad, there are not letters for vowels, they are marked just as diacritics or hooks connected to the holder consonant.
  • Direction of writing: from left to right in horizontal rows.
  • Used to write: Otsilian and some of its dialects.
  • If a vowel diacritic is placed over a consonant letter such vowel is read before the consonant, if it is placed under the consonant letter then it is read after the consonant.
  • A consonant letter only can hold a vowel diacritic over or under it, or in both places; there is no vowel carrier symbol so dipthongs never occur at the beginning or end of a word, and vowels never appear alone. The only exception is for dipthongs containing "y" or "w" because these are treated as consonants.
  • Foreign names and loanwords must be phonetically transliterated into Otsilian and written enclosed with the loanword separators (see punctuation below). Nasal letters must be replaced with the closest phonetic approximated letters (n turns into l, m into f, like human = Xiofal).
  • Sorur Numbers are the same letters but mirrored upside down. Otsilian number base is hexadecimal instead of decimal.
  • All vowels are frontal in the original pronunciation.
  • Stress in Otsilian always falls on the last syllable of a noun word.
  • Otsilian language also can be written with the latin alphabet, using all its letters except h, m, n, q and v and without diacritics or special letters, nouns being written with capital beginning letter, just like in German.

Sorur alphabet


Sorur consonants


Sorur vowels

Alternative pronunciation: T=[t]; D=[d]; R=[ʁ,ɹ]; X=[h]; S=[s]; Z=[z]; F=[f]; O=[o]; U=[u]


Sorur numerals


Sorur punctuation

Sorur sample phrases

Sample phrases in the Sorur

Sample text

Sample text in the Sorur


Alir Xiofalar pfakolu pfaxe ox gopele ga Yisif ox Fopular. El osu wa Zural ox wa Woxiol ox El xelwi cirulay tcer Xuroatsar tsat El-el.


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