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Snow Script   Snow Script

Snow Script, or Niphadic, was invented by Simon Whitechapel to write his constructed language, Niphadic. He uses it in his story, Our Lady of the Snows.

The name Niphadic comes from the Greek νιφας-νιφαδος, niphas-niphados (snowflake), and was used by the priestesses of Our Lady of the Snows and was based on a series of snowflakes that fell at the hibernal solstice during the foundation of Our Lady's Second Temple.

Notable features

  • Type of writing system: alphabet
  • Direction of writing: written in concentric circles and read anti-clockwise from the centre, starting at the lowest consonant in the circle being read. If the outer circle is incomplete, it is completed by beginning the text again.
  • Used to write: Niphadic
  • Vowels were often dropped from Niphadic texts.
  • Niphadic was also employed as a divinatory script, when snowflakes were allowed to fall on black cloth and read according to their resemblance to letters of the Niphadic alphabet.

Snow Script alphabet

Snow Script consonants

Snow Script vowels

Sample texts

Sample text in Snow Script

The text on the left is just a list of Snow Script consonants. The text on the right is one that praises Our Lady for the deliverance of a hierarchess from illness.

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