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The Idiotish writing system was created by Alex Book for his constructed language, Idiotish. The name comes from the fact that the language is so easy compared to other languages that anyone can learn it. There is no distinction between "good" and "well", no irregular verbs, no gender for objects, no case inflections, and only one way of saying "you". The vocabulary is taken from various languages, plus onomatopoeia.

Notable features

  • Type of writing system: Idiotish is the "duckbill platypus" of the writing world. Technically speaking, it is a syllabary, with each block representing a syllable. However, each syllable block is actually a composite of an initial consonant (cluster), vowel, and final letter, making it also an alphabet. A similar system would be Korean.
  • Idiotish is mainly written from left to right in horizontal lines, and also in vertical columns running from left to right.
  • The phonology is based on American English. The sounds "v", "th", and "j" have been removed, and final clusters longer than two sounds are allowed, because foreigners usually have more difficulty making these consonant sounds in English (although there are letters in the alphabet for making these sounds in proper names). Alex added a new sound that is a drawn-out L, but it is limited to just a few words. There are two easy clicks. The first one is produced by placing the tongue on the "t" position and then moving it back (a "cluck"). The second is the same as the first, but with the lips rounded. The function is simple; Click one means "the" and click two means "a(n)".
  • The average length of an Idiotish word is two to four syllables. Words are separated by spaces. The period and comma occur at mid-height ·, as opposed to the bottom of the line.
  • No words (not even proper nouns) are "capitalized". There are no capitals in Idiotish.
  • There are three accent marks to determine the stress and tone of a syllable.
  • There is currently no support for writing these characters on the computer, but if the language ever gets popular, there might be.

Idiotish script



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Sample text

Sample text in Idiotish


The cheater never wins. The winner never cheats. Alex Book

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