Chelyesta   Chelyesta

Chelyesta was created by David J. Peterson in 2005 to write his conlang, Sidaan, which means "writing". It is a fairly simple alphabetic script.

Notable Features

  • Word-finally, the glyph for "h" is used to lengthen a vowel.
  • When the glyph "h" precedes a consonant, that consonant is geminated.
  • When the glyphs "l" and "r" are doubled, they produce [j] and [w], respectively.
  • There are only two punctuation marks used in Chelyesta. Words are separated by a small cross, and sentences are separated by two small crosses in succession (for an example, see below).


Chelyesta alphabet

Sample text

Sample text in Chelyesta


The thin girl swam for the short boy.

Download a font for the Chelyesta alphabet (TrueType, 9K)


More information about the Chelyesta alphabet and the Sidaan language

If you have any questions about this alphabet, you can contact David J. Peterson at

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