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Block Script was created by John Schurman in December of 2003 as a means to immitate syllabic writing systems for English use. Each syllable has it's own block, and all the sounds which make up the syllable fit into the block. However, because the English language uses many different combinations of consonants and vowels, different types of blocks are needed.

The name "Block Script" was suggested by Simon Ager.

Notable Features

  • Written from left to right in horizontal lines.
  • Block Script uses sounds instead of letters; for example there is no symbol for "c", because "c" either sounds like "s" or sounds like "k".
  • Because the same word can be constructed differently, for example "entry" can be broken into the syllables "en + tree" or "ent + ree", spelling has very little bearing on how the word is written.
  • When more than one consonant sound falls on the same side of the vowel sound in a syllable, the symbols for the consonant sounds are arranged vertically, top to bottom, within the same area of the block.
  • Block Script was designed to write English, but symbols may be added for unique sounds within other languages.
  • When writing words with more than one syllable, a dot may be placed above the vowel symbol to indicate emphasis (for example, in the word "into", the dot would be placed above the "ih" symbol, making it sound like "IN-too").
  • Consonant symbols are relatively simple in design so they are easier to write and recognize when they are condensed into one area of a syllable block.

Block Script consonants

Block Script consonants

Block Script vowels

Block Script vowels

Block Script blocks

Block Script syllable blocks

Block Script numerals

Block Script numerals

Sample text

Sample text in Block Script


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