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Falmouth / Aberfal

I just got back to Bangor after spending a few days with my family down in Falmouth (Aberfal) in Cornwall (Kernow). My brother has just finished a circumnavigation of the globe in Falmouth four years after setting sail, and we went to welcome him back. His adventures are recounted on his blog. While in Cornwall […]

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Name the language / alphabet

This is a design for a coin meant to commemorate 9th September 2009 (9-9-9) which has 27 versions of the number/numeral 9 on it in different alphabets and languages. Can you identify the alphabets and languages?

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Body language and autism

According to research reported in this article, people with autism have difficult interpreting body language, which makes it difficult for them to understand other people’s emotions. The research used animated clips of figures made up of dots showing emotions which the participants with autism had trouble identifying them correctly. I wonder how they would have […]

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This inscription is carved into a piece of stone in the in the courtyard of the Basilica of San Clemente in Rome, which houses the bones of Saint Cyril. The script is Glagolitic and the language is most likely Church Slavonic. Can any of you decipher the text?

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Language modes

I’ve just returned from a wonderful week of Irish language and culture in Gleann Cholm Cille in Donegal, Ireland. This was my fifth visit to Gleann Cholm Cille, and my third time at the summer school – I enjoy it so much that I keep going back. And I’m not the only one – many […]

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