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Here’s a useful tip I came across the other day on a new language-related blog – carry a notebook and pencil with you at all times and make a note of things you’d like to say but don’t know how to. Then find out how to say them later by looking them up or asking […]

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Where in the world?

Here is a photo of the capital of a mystery country. Can you guess or do you know where it is and which languages are spoken there?

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Language quiz

Here is a recording in a mystery language. Can you guess or do you know which language it is?

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Word of the day – Moien

Today’s word, Moien, is the Luxembourgish for hello. A related phrase is Gudden Moien, Good morning – Moien also means morning. Here are some more ‘useful’ phrases in Luxembourgish: Nee, ech hunn keng Zait fir dengem Monni seng Teppechfabrik. No, we don’t have time to visit your uncle’s carpet factory. Ech mengen ar Geessen setzt […]

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Manchu in Beijing

Today I came across an article about efforts to save the Manchu language in China. There are currently around 10 million ethnic Manchus in China, but fewer than 100 of them speak Manchu and they are almost all elderly. Recently a bloke called Wang Shuo, a construction designer in Beijing, started teaching Manchu language classes […]

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Why learn so many languages?

One of the commenters on a recent post posed an interesting question: what is the point of learning so many languages if one is never going to be able to speak them well or use them all? Are they sea shells which we collect to look at or tools that we use? This made me […]

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Word of the day – puke wehewehe ʻōlelo

Today’s word, puke wehewehe ‘ōlelo, is the Hawai‘ian for dictionary. It means literally ‘book [that] explains words’. I found a good Hawai‘ian-English dictionary today, and also some online Hawai‘ian lessons. According to this article, the Hawai‘an language is in a slightly more secure position today than it was 20 years, when the most of those […]

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Name the language

Today’s mystery language is a Polynesian one. Can you work out which language it is?

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Language quiz

Here is a recording of a mystery language which is spoken in a number of countries in Africa. Can you work out what language it is?

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Language maintenance

This week I’ve been trying out yet another language learning and maintenance strategy. Instead of spending most of the day listening to online radio in one language or other, as I’ve been doing up to now, I’ve started listening to lots of lessons in the languages I’m focusing on at the moment (Welsh, Irish, Scottish […]

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