Ifugao (Ipugaw)

Ifugao is a Philippine language spoken mainly in Ifugao province in Luzon in the Philippines by about 130,000 people. There are four main dialects of Ifugao: Batad Ifugao, Amganad Ifugao, Mayoyao Ifugao and Tuwali Ifugao, which are considered as separate languages by some.

Batad Ifugao is spoken by about 43,000 people, and is also known as Amganad and Ifugaw.

Amganad Ifugao is spoken by about 27,100 people, and is also known as Ifugaw, Mayaoyaw and Mayoyao.

Mayoyao Ifugao is spoken by about 30,000 people, and is also known as Ayangan Ifugao, Batad and Ifugaw.

Tuwali Ifugao is spoken by about 30,000 people, and is also known as Gilipanes, Ifugaw, Kiangan Ifugao and Quianga.

Ifugao is closely related to Bontok and Kankana-ey, and contains loanwords from Ilocano.

Ifugao alphabet and pronunciation

This is the united Ifugao alphabet used for all four dialects. The pronounciation varies from dialect to dialect.

Ifugao alphabet and pronunciation


L is pronounced [ɾ] before e and i, [ɹ~ɻ] at the end of syllables, and [l] elsewhere.

Source: http://www-01.sil.org/asia/philippines/lit/ifb_Hay_Mahhun_an_Bahaon.pdf and compiled by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample phrases in Ifugao

Information about Ifugao | Numbers in Ifugao | Tower of Babel in Ifugao


Information about Ifugao

Ifugao phrases

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