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Ende is a Malayo-Polynesian language spoken by about 310,000 people in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province in south central Flores in Indonesia. It is also known as Li'o or Ende-Li'o.

Lota script Lota script

Ende has its own script, known as Lota or Lota Ende, which is similar to the Bugis script.

Notable features

Lota script


Lota script diacritics

Sample text

Sample text in the Lota script


Ma'e sewo bebo, nitu ngadho no'o babo mamo eo te'ti tei ra kita. ebe, langga do leka fila bewa, nuka leka keli soke ele nesi susa, jaga paga do no'o jala-jala medu tei nia ana mamo muri bheri..


Don't forget your forefathers who struggled for you; they passed the deep dark ravines and the high mountains, although troubles always came. They saved our life to keep their grandchildrens' life safe and well.

Information about the Lota script mainly provided by Ridwan Maulana. If you have any questions about this script, you can contact Ridwan at ridwanmaul768@gmail.com

Sample video in Ende

Information about Ende-Li'o | Numbers in Ende-Li'o


Information about Ende and Lota

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