Bagatha is spoken in the Paderu, Sujanakota, Karakapalli, Tajangi, Devarapalli and Peddavalasa hills in India by the Bagatha, also called Bhakta, Bhagada, Bogatha and Bhagatha, a Scheduled Tribe numbering 87,994, according to the 1981 Census..

Being expert archers, the Bagatha served the 17th Century Golconda and Gangaraju Madugole chieftains of the Visakhapatnam Agency as their army personnel. They showed so much devotion that they were recognized as their devotees or Bhaktas. The name 'Bhaktas' later became Bagathas. In appreciation of their military services the chieftains appointed them as local chiefs. Due to this shift in status, the Bagatha claimed themselves as a warrior tribe, expanded geographically, developed politically and acquired social supremacy in the tribal area over a time span of about 50 years from the late 17th Century to the early 18th Century.

The Bagathas speak Bagatha and Telugu with their characteristic hill accent. Those who live border areas of Orissa State also speak a form of Odia.

Bagatha script

This is a script for Bagatha devised by Professor Prasanna Sree.

Bagatha script

Information provided by Professor Prasanna Sree of Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India


Information about the Bagatha people and language

Scripts invented by Professor Prasanna Sree

Bagatha, Dhurwa, Gadaba, Gondi, Goudu, Jatapu, Kammara, Kolam, Konda-Dora, Kotia, Koya, Kupia, Mali, Mukha Dora, Rana, Savara, Sugali, Yerukula

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