Telling the time in Värmlandic

How to tell the time in Värmlandic (varmlensk), a group of Värmlandic dialects spoken in Värmland in western Sweden.

English Värmlandic (varmlensk)
What time is it? Hö mykk ä klôkka?
It's one o'clock Ho ä ett
It's quarter past one Ho ä kvart öv ett
It's half past one Ho ä halv två
It's quarter to two Ho ä kvart i två
It's two o'clock Ho ä två
It's quarter past two Ho ä kvart öv två
It's half past two Ho ä halv tré
It's quarter to three Ho ä kvart i tré
It's three o'clock Ho ä tré
It's quarter past three Ho ä kvart öv tré
It's half past three Ho ä halv fyr
It's quarter to four Ho ä kvart i fyr
It's four o'clock Ho ä fyr
It's quarter past four Ho ä kvart öv fyr
It's half past four Ho ä halv fem
It's quarter to five Ho ä kvart i fem
It's five o'clock Ho ä fem
It's quarter past five Ho ä kvart öv fem
It's half past five Ho ä halv sex
It's quarter to six Ho ä kvart i sex
It's six o'clock Ho ä sex
It's quarter past six Ho ä kvart öv sex
It's half past six Ho ä halv khu
It's quarter to seven Ho ä kvart i khu
It's seven o'clock Ho ä khu
It's quarter past seven Ho ä kvart öv khu
It's half past seven Ho ä halv ót
It's quarter to eight Ho ä kvart i ót
It's eight o'clock Ho ä ót
It's quarter past eight Ho ä kvart öv ót
It's half past eight Ho ä halv ni
It's quarter to nine Ho ä kvart i ni
It's nine o'clock Ho ä ni
It's quarter past nine Ho ä kvart öv ni
It's half past nine Ho ä halv ti
It's quarter to ten Ho ä kvart i ti
It's ten o'clock Ho ä ti
It's quarter past ten Ho ä kvart öv ti
It's half past ten Ho ä halv elva
It's quarter to eleven Ho ä kvart i elva
It's eleven o'clock Ho ä elva
It's quarter past eleven Ho ä kvart öv elva
It's half past eleven Ho ä halv tôlv
It's quarter to twelve Ho ä kvart i tôlv
It's twelve o'clock Ho ä tôlv
It's quarter past twelve Ho ä kvart öv tôlv
It's half past twelve Ho ä halv ett
It's quarter to one Ho ä kvart i ett
it's midnight Dä ä midnatt
it's midday Dä ä midda
in the morning Ôm/På/A möran
in the afternoon Ôm/På/A etemiddan
in the evening Ôm/På/A kveln


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