Useful phrases in Uropi

A collection of useful phrases in Uropi, an international auxiliary language based on common Indo-European roots invented by Joël Landais.

Key to abbreviations: sg = singular (said to one person), pl = plural (said to more than one person), inf = informal, frm = formal

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English Uropi
Welcome Bunvenen
Hello (General greeting) Halo
Bun dia
How are you? Kim it je to? (sg/inf)
Kim it je vo? (pl/frm)
Kim it?
Reply to 'How are you?' Bun, daske, id vo? (Well thanks, and you?)
Mol bun (Very well)
Ne tio pej (Not too bad)
Sim id sim(so-so)
Long time no see Longim ane vizo
Longim ane vizo ta (sg/inf)
Longim ane vizo va (pl/frm)
What's your name? Ka se ti nom ? (sg/inf)
Ka s'tu nomen ? (sg/inf)
Ka se vi nom ? (pl/frm)
Ka s'vu nomen? (pl/frm)
My name is ... Mi nom se ....
Where are you from? Od ko ven tu ?
Od ko ven vu ? (pl/frm)
I'm from ... I ven od ...
Pleased to meet you Prijen akono ta (sg/inf)
Prijen akono va (pl/frm)
Good Day / Good morning
(Morning greeting)
Bun dia
Good afternoon
(Afternoon greeting)
Bun posmidià
Good evening
(Evening greeting)
Bun vespen
Good night Bun noc
(Parting phrases)
A revizo
Adòj (Farewell)
Good luck! Bun cans !
Cheers! Good Health!
(Toasts used when drinking)
Sunad !
A ti sunad ! (sg/inf)
A vi sunad ! (pl/frm)
Have a nice day Prijan dia !
Ave u prijan dia !
Have a nice weekend Bun Sabasòl !
Bon appetit /
Have a nice meal
Bun apetìt !
Bon voyage /
Have a good journey
Bun vaiz !
Bun vaj !
Yes Aj
No Ne
Maybe Mojse
I don't know I zav ne
Do you understand? Incèp tu ? (sg/inf)
Incèp vu ? (pl/frm)
I understand I incèp
Je s'klar
I don't understand I incèp ne
Je s'ne klar
Please speak more slowly Prijim voke maj lanim
Please say that again Moz tu redezo da ? (sg/inf)
Moz vu redezo da ? (pl/frm)
Please write it down Prijim skrive ja
Do you speak English? Vok tu Engli ? (sg/inf)
Vok vu Engli ? (pl/frm)
Do you speak Uropi? Vok tu Uropi ? (sg/inf)
Vok vu Uropi ? (pl/frm)
Yes, a little
(reply to 'Do you speak ...?')
Aj, u poj
Do you speak a language
other than
Vok tu un alten linga te Uropi ? (sg/inf)
Vok vu un alten linga te Uropi ? (pl/frm)
Speak to me in Uropi Vok mo in Uropi
How do you say ... in Uropi? Kim dez un ... in Uropi ?
Excuse me Skuze
How much is this? Kamòl kost di ?
Sorry Dolan !
Please Prijim
Thank you Daske
Daske mole
Reply to thank you Je s'nit (it's nothing)
Where's the toilet / bathroom? Ko se de toilet ?
This gentleman will pay for everything Di sior ve pajo po tal
This lady will pay for everything Di dama ve pajo po tal
Would you like to dance with me? Vol tu danso ? (sg/inf)
Vol vu danso ? (pl/frm)
Do you come here often? Ven tu zi molvos ? (sg/inf)
Ven vu zi molvos ? (pl/frm)
I miss you Tu mank mo (sg/inf)
Vu mank mo (pl/frm)
I love you I liam ta (sg/inf)
I liam va (pl/frm)
Get well soon Bun rusunad !
Go away! It ap !
Leave me alone! Las ma in pac !
Help! Eld !
Fire! Foj !
Stop! Stop !
Call the police! Cal de polìz !
Christmas greetings Felic Krisgèn
New Year greetings Felic Novi Jar
Easter greetings
Birthday greetings Felic genidià
Congratulations! Gratulade !
One language is never enough U solen linga sat nevos

Phrases provided by Maëlys Robert and checked by Joël Landais, the creator of Uropi

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