Numbers in Tangkhul Naga

How to count in Tangkhul Naga, a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Manipur, Nagaland and Tripura in the northeast of India.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 ǝkhǝt lumsata
2 kini kinicaŋna
3 anthum anthumcaŋna
4 mǝlli mǝllicaŋna
5 rǝŋŋa rǝŋŋacaŋna
6 kuruk kurukcaŋna
7 siri siricaŋna
8 ǝret ǝretcaŋna
9 ǝko ǝkocaŋna
10 som somcaŋna
11 som-khǝt  
12 som-kini  
13 som-anthum  
14 som-mǝlli  
15 som-rǝŋŋa  
16 som-kuruk  
17 som-siri  
18 som-ǝret  
19 som-ǝko  
20 somni somkini
21 somni-a-khǝt  
22 somni-a-kini  
23 somni-a-thum  
24 somni-a-mǝlli  
25 somni-a-rǝŋŋa  
26 somni-a-kuruk  
27 somni-a-siri  
28 somni-a-ret  
29 somni-a-ko  
30 somthum  
40 somli  
50 somŋa  
60 somruk  
70 somri  
80 somret  
90 somko  
100 rija  
200 rijakini  
300 rijathum  
400 rijali  
500 rijaŋa  
600 rijaruk  
700 rijasiri  
800 rijaret  
900 rijako  
1,000 lisiŋkhǝt  
2,000 lisiŋkini  
3,000 lisiŋthum  
4,000 lisiŋli  
5,000 lisiŋŋa  
6,000 lisiŋruk  
7,000 lisiŋsiri  
8,000 lisiŋret  
9,000 lisiŋko  
10,000 lisiŋsom  
once hum-khǝt  
twice hum-kini-caŋwa  
thrice hum-anthum-caŋwa  
four times hum-mǝlli-caŋwa  
five times hum-rǝŋŋa-caŋwa  
six times hum-kuruk-caŋwa  
ten times hum-som-caŋwa  
eleven times hum-somkhǝt-caŋwa  
thirty times hum-somli-caŋwa  
fifty times hum-somŋa-caŋwa  
hundred times hum-rija-caŋwa  
1/3 anthum-tai-ǝkhǝt  
1/4 mǝlli-tai-ǝkhǝt  
3/6 juruk-tai-anthum  
2/5 rǝŋŋa-tai-kini  
3/5 rǝŋŋa-tai-anthum  
4/7 siri-tai-mǝlli  
all the two,
two together
all the three punna-thum  
all the five punna-rǝŋŋa  
all the six punna-kuruk  
all the seven punna-siri  
all the eleven punna-somkhǝt  
about one ǝkhǝt-anthaloije  
about two kini-anthaloije  
about three anthum-anthaloije  
about four mǝlli-anthaloije  
about five rǝŋŋa-anthaloije  
about six kuruk-anthaloije  
about seven siri-anthaloije  
about eight ǝret-anthaloije  
about nine ǝko-anthaloije  
about ten som-anthaloije  
about twenty somni-anthaloije  
one each ǝkhǝt-ǝkhǝt  
two each kini-kini  
three each anthum-anthum  
four each mǝlli-mǝlli  
ten each som-som  
only one ǝkhǝtjaŋti  
only two kinijaŋti  
only three anthumjaŋti  
only four mǝllijaŋti  
only five rǝŋŋajaŋti  
only six kurukjaŋti  
only seven sirijaŋti  
only eight ǝretjaŋti  
only nine ǝkojaŋti  
only ten somjaŋti  

Source: Takhellambam Bijaya Devi. Descriptive Grammar of Kabrang Tangkhul. Department of Linguistics. Manipur University. Canchipur – 2014.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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