Liangmai Naga numbers

How to count in Liangmai Naga, a variety of Zeme, a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Nagaland in the northeast of India.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 pruong  
1 khat raibu
2 nia niabu
3 sum sumbu
4 medai medaibu
5 mengiw mengiwbu
6 cherok cherokbu
7 chinnia chinniabu
8 techat techatbu
9 chekiu chekiubu
10 keriw keriwbu
11 keriw khatkiu  
12 keriw niakiu  
13 keriw sumkiu  
14 keriw medaikiu  
15 keriw mengiwkiu  
16 keriw cherokkiu  
17 keriw chinniakiu  
18 keriw techatkiu  
19 keriw chekiukiu  
20 mekai  
30 sinriw  
40 atai  
50 ringiw  
60 riacherok  
70 riachinnia  
80 riatechat  
90 riachekiu  
100 kai khat  
1,000 sang khat  
100,000 lakh khat  
10,000,000 thang khat, sang sang  

Source: Brajabihari, Kumar. Liangmai Hindi-English Dictionary. Nagaland Bhasha Parishad. Kohima – 1971.

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Numbers in Liangmai Naga | Tower of Babel

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