Inpui numbers

How to count in Inpui, a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Manipur and Nagaland in the northeast of India.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 khǝt kǝmanu
2 kǝni kǝninu
3 inthum kǝinthumnu
4 bǝli bǝlinu
5 inpaŋ inpaŋnu
6 kǝruk kǝruknu
7 sǝri sǝrinu
8 kǝriyǝt kǝriyǝtnu
9 kǝkwa kǝkwanu
10 som somnu
11 somkhǝtto  
12 somkǝnito  
13 sominthumto  
14 sominbǝlito  
15 sominpaŋto  
16 somkǝrukto  
17 somsǝrito  
18 somkǝriyǝtto  
19 somkǝkwato  
20 somni  
21 somnikhǝt  
22 somnikǝni  
23 somniinthum  
24 somnibǝli  
25 somniinpaŋ  
26 somnikǝruk  
27 somnisǝri  
28 somnikǝriyet  
29 somnikǝkwa  
30 somthum  
40 somli  
50 somŋa  
60 somruk  
70 somsǝri  
80 somriyet  
90 somkwa  
100 tǝza  
200 tǝzani  
300 tǝzathum  
400 tǝzali  
500 tǝzaŋa  
600 tǝzaruk  
700 tǝzasǝri  
800 tǝzariyǝt  
900 tǝza kwa  
1,000 tǝciŋ  
2,000 tǝciŋni  
3,000 tǝciŋthum  
4,000 tǝciŋli  
5,000 tǝciŋŋa  
6,000 tǝciŋruk  
7,000 tǝciŋsǝri  
8,000 tǝciŋriyǝt  
9,000 tǝciŋ kwa  
10,000 tǝciŋ som  
once lǝŋ-khǝt  
twice lǝŋ-ni  
thrice lǝŋ-thum  
all the three inthum-biŋgǝ  
all the four bǝli-biŋgǝ  
all the ten som-biŋgǝ  
about two kǝn-ikhǝk  
about five inpaŋ-khǝk  
about six kǝruk-khǝk  

Source: Waikhom Pinky Devi. A Descriptive Grammar of Inpui. Department of Linguistics. Assam University. Silchar – 2014.

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