Numbers in Pochuri

How to count in Pochuri, a Tibeto-Burman language spoken mainly in Nagaland in northeastern India.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
0 jiero, jero  
1 khe apowa
2 küni küniwa
3 kuche kuchewa
4 mzü mzüwa
5 mnga mngawa
6 toro torowa
7 türü türüwa
8 tüze tüzewa
9 toku tokuwa
10 türa türawa
11 türakhe  
12 türaküni  
13 türaküche  
14 türamzü  
15 türamnga  
16 türatoro  
17 türatürü  
18 türatüze  
19 türatoku  
20 mke  
21 mkekekhe  
22 mkekekühi  
23 mkekeküche  
24 mkekemzü  
25 mkekemnga  
26 mkeketoro  
27 mkeketürü  
28 mkeketüze  
29 mkeketoku  
30 chera  
40 züra  
50 tünie  
60 rora  
70 rüra  
80 zera  
90 kura  
100 mzake  
1,000 atie  
100,000 lak  
10,000,000 kor  
1/2 küzhila  
1/3 kücheanaüsü  
1/4 amzüawa  
1 1/4 küsüthi soupemzüan küsü  
2 1/2 künin-küzhila  

Source: Kumāra, Braja Bihārī: हिन्दी पोचुरी अंग्रेजी कोश = Hindī Pochury English Dictionary. Nagaland Bhasa Parishad. Kohima. कोहिमा : नागालैण्ड भाषा परिषद, 1972.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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