Numbers in Bavarian (Bairisch)

How to count in Bavarian, a collection of Upper German varieties spoken in Bavaria, Austria and South Tyrol in Italy.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 nui, null  
1 oas/oans/àns eàste
2 zwoa/zwà zwoate
3 drei dritte
4 fiar(e) fiarte
5 fimf(e) fimfte
6 seggs(e) seggste
7 siem(e) siemte
8 åcht(e) åchte
9 neine/nei neite
10 zeene/zeah zeente
11 öif(e)/ööf öifte
12 zwöif(e)/zwööf zwöifte
13 dreizea/dreizen dreizente
14 fiazea/fiazen fiazente
15 fuchzea/fuchzen fuchzente
16 sechzea/sechzen sechzente
17 sibzea/sibzen sibzente
18 åchzea/åchzen åchzente
19 neizea/neizen neizente
20 zwånzg(e)e/zwoanzg(e) zwoanzigste
21 oana-/ànazwånzg(e) (-ste from here on)
22 zwoara-/zwàrazwånzg(e)  
23 dreiazwånzg(e)  
24 fiarazwånzg(e)  
25 fimfazwånzg(e)  
26 seggsazwånzg(e)  
27 simmazwånzge  
28 åchtazwånzge  
29 neinazwånzge  
30 dreißge  
40 fiazg(e)  
50 fuchzg(e)  
60 sechzg(e)  
70 sibzg(e)/siwazg(e)  
80 åchtzg(e)  
90 neinzg(e)  
100 hundad  
1.000 dausnd  
10.000 zendausnd  
100.000 hundaddausnd  
1.000.000 oa Million oa Milliarda oa Billion  

Fractions, decimals and percentages

0,0 Null Komma nix
0,1 Null Komma oans
0,12 Null Komma zwööf/ Null komma oans zwoa
1/2 a Hoib
1/3 a Driddl
1/4 a Viertl
1/5 a Fümfdl
1/6 a Seggsdl
3/4 Dreiviertl
% as Prozent, as Prozentzeichn
50% fuchzg Prozent

Two used to agree with the gender of the noun it was attached to: zwee (m), zwo (f) and zwoa/zwà (n), however this distinction is no longer used.


Information compiled by Michael Peter Füstumum

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Download a spreadsheet of numbers in Germanic languages (provided by Yoshi Smart)

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