Numbers in Hunsrik

How to count in Hunsrik, a West Germanic language spoken mainly in southern Brazil, and also in Argentina and Paraguay.

If any of the numbers are links, you can hear a recording by clicking on them. If you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 null
1 enn [eːn] eerst
2 zweu [t͡svɔɪ̯] zwett
3 drei [traɪ̯] dritt
4 fier [fiːɐ] fiert
5 finnef [ˈfinəf] finneft
6 sechs [seks] sechst
7 sieve [ˈsiːvə] sibt
8 acht [axt] acht
9 nein [naɪ̯n] neint
10 zehn [t͡seːn] zehnt
11 ellef [ˈeləf]
12 zwellef
13 dreizen
14 ferzen
15 fufzen
16 sechzen
17 sibzen
18 achtzen
19 neinzen
20 zwanzich
21 enn-un-zwanzich  
22 zweu-un-zwanzich  
23 drei-un-zwanzich  
24 fier-un-zwanzich  
25 finnef-un-zwanzich  
26 sechs-un-zwanzich  
27 sieve-un-zwanzich  
28 acht-un-zwanzich  
29 nein-un-zwanzich  
30 dreisich  
40 ferzich  
50 fufzich  
60 sechzich  
70 sibzich  
80 achtzich  
90 neinzich  
100 hunnerd  
1000 tausend  
10,000 zehn-tausend  
100,000 hunnerd-tausend  
1,000,000 enn Million  

Hear some Hunsrik numbers and details of how to count in Hunsrik (in Portuguese):

Information about counting in Hunsrik

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Download a spreadsheet of numbers in Germanic languages (provided by Yoshi Smart)

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