French (français)

The first foreign language I studied was French, which I learnt it at secondary school between the ages of 11 and 18 (1981-1988). It was a compulsory subject for the first three years and I chose to continue studying it thereafter because I enjoyed it, found it interesting and was quite good at it. Outside class I practiced my French by listening to French language radio and reading French books.

My first visit to France was a school trip to St Omer way back in 1981. Even though we were there for only a very brief time - less than a day - it whetted my appetite for foreign travel. Since then I've been on quite a few trips to France ranging in length from a few days to several months.

Between school and university I spent three months working on a couple of farms in southern France. This helped me to become fairly fluent in French and to acquire a rich farming-related vocabulary.

My French has also been useful on holidays in Turkey, Sicily, Morocco and Portugal. French is widely used as a second language in Morocco and in the other countries quite a few people speak French in places frequented by tourists.

In September 2009 I joined a French conversation group in Bangor that meets once a week and have been going to it ever since. My spoken French has improved a lot as a result.

I can still speak French fairly fluently and can also read it fairly well. My written French is decidedly rusty though.

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