Family words in Bulgarian (Български)

Words for family members in Bulgarian, a Southern Slavic language spoken mainly in Bulgaria.

Key to abbreviations: m = male, f = female

  Bulgarian (Български)
family семейство (semejstvo)
parents родители (roditeli)
father баща (bašta)
татко (tatko)
тате (tate)
mother мама (mama)
майка (majka)
мамо (mamo)
children деца (detsa)
son син (sin)
daughter дъщеря (dãšterja)
щерка (šterka)
husband съпруг (sãprug)
мъж (mãž)
wife съпруга (sãpruga)
жена (žena)
brother брат (brat)
sister сестра (sestra)
uncle чичо (čičo) father's brother
вуйчо (bujčo) mother's brother
калеко (kaleko) father's sister's spouse
тетинчо (tetincho) mother's sister's spouse
свако (svako)
aunt леля (lelja) mother's sister
тетка (tetka) mother's sister
стрин(к)а (strin(k)a) father's brother's spouse
вуйна (vyjna) mother's brother's spouse
cousin братовчед (bratovčed) - m
братовчедка (bratovčedka) - f
nephew племенник (plemennik)
niece племенница (plemennica)
grandparents дядо и баба (djado i baba)
grandfather дядо (djado)
grandmother баба (baba)
grandchildren внуци (vnuci)
grandson внук (vnuk)
granddaughter внучка (vnučka)
great grandfather прадядо (pradjado)
great grandmother прабаба (prababa)
father-in-law свекър (svekãr) husband's father
тъст (tãst) wife's father
mother-in-law свекърва (svekãrva) husband's mother
тъща (tãšta) wife's mother
brother-in-law Девер (dever) husband's brother
Шурей (shurey) wife's brother
Баджанак (badzhanak) wife's brother's husband
sister-in-law Зълва (zãlva) husband's sister
Балдъза (balduza) wife's sister
Шуренайка (shurenayka) wife's brother's wife
Етърва (etãrva) husband's brother's wife


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