Family words in Albanian

Words for family members and other relatives in Albanian, an Indo-European language spoken mainly in Albania and Kosovo.

English Albanian (shqip)
family Familja
parents Prindërit
mother Nëna / Mëma
father Babai / Ati
children Fëmijët
son Djali / Biri
daughter Vajzë / Bija
spouse Bashkëshorti (m) / Bashkëshortja (f)
husband Burri
wife Gruaja
brother Vëllai
sister Motra
uncle Xhaxhai (father's side) / Daja (mother's side)
aunt Tezja / Tetoja (mother's side) / Halla (father's side)
Emta (universal)
cousin Kushëriri (m) / Kushërirja (f)
nephew Nipi
niece Mbesa
grandparents Gjyshërit
grandfather Gjyshi
grandmother Gjyshja
grandchildren Nipërit
grandson Nipi
granddaughter Mbesa
father-in-law Vjehërri
mother-in-law Vjehërra
sister-in-law Kunata
brother-in-law Kunati

Information provided by Plator Gashi

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