Zimúrán script

The Zimúrán script was created by TJ for his conlang Zimúrán, a language spoken supposedly by the mutants that live in the forests of Zimúrá on the northern boundaries of the world, where Alexander, a conquestador, wars with them. Zimúrán is a recording system composed mainly of knots and threads, and not used for communication, and are used merely to pronounce names, properties and so on.

Zimúrán knots and threads

Zimúrán script

Zimúrán consonants

Zimúrán is a semi-syllabic system with only 3 vowels, and each vowel has a short and a long form. The system consists of 8 consonants divided into 2 main categories, light and hard. In the hard form, threads made up from animal coats (fur, hair..etc) are used, while for the light form threads are made from plant fibers. In the schematic form (where writing on a paper is involved), the light form is differentiated by changing the color of the line or putting a special mark on the side of the consonant. The hard form is considered the basic form and the light form is considered secondary.

Zimúrán consonants

Zimúrán vowels

The vowels are formed on the same thread of the consonant. On the side of every consonant, the vowels are formed (if required) by dismantling the side of the thread into 3, 2 or 1 component. If the vowel is to come alone with no consonants preceeding, the side of a plain thread is dismantled. The left side is usually dismantled, and in case of longer vowels, both sides of the thread are dismantled.

Zimúrán vowels

The direction of reading is top to bottom, with the top having a special starting thread pointing to the left side.

Zimúrán thread

If there are several words to be knotted, then all words would be tied on a single long horizontal thread, while words hang from it (like vines) and reading would be left to right, top to bottom for every word.


Numbers are tied using the basic form (animal threads, or other basic type if the knotter wishes to).

Zimúrán numerals

Sample text

Sample text in Zimúrán

Notice the green color on some threads to mark light forms.

If you have any questions about Zimúrán, you can contact TJ at: ayvarith@gmail.com

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