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Eastern Pomo (Bahtssal)

Eastern Pomo or Clear Lake Pomo is a Pomoan language spoken around Clear Lake in Lake County, California. Only a few elderly people currently speak the language, though efforts are being made to revive it and to develop a standardise the spelling system. Eastern Pomo is not mutually intelligible with the other Pomoan languages.

Eastern Pomo pronunciation

Eastern Pomo pronunciation

Sample phrases in Eastern Pomo

Chiin tha ˋeh = How are you?
Mii garrsa qˋodii ˋeh = It's good to see you
Qˋawii heh kuwaiman taikma = The boys and girls are laughing and playing
Piitiik xaiyuwa hah buduu magalayaxa = I'm going to look for acorns before it gets dark
Mehchaxara heh xabeh yoh ˋeh = The frog was under the rock


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