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Juǀʼhoan is a variety of !Kung, a member of the Kx'a or Juu–ǂHoan language family, spoken in northeast Namibia and northwest Bostwana by about 35,000 people, with the majority of speakers, some 30,000 people, in Namibia.

The name of the language is also written Juǀʼhoan, Zhuǀʼhõasi, Dzuǀʼoasi, Zû-ǀhoa and JuǀʼHoansi, and there are four regional dialects: Epukiro, Tsumkwe, Rundu, and Omatako.

Three orthographies have been developed for Juǀʼhoan: The first was commissioned by the South African Department of Education, developed by Jan Snyman, and accepted in 1969 and modified in 1975. The second was requested by the Bible Society of South Africa in 1987 and uses as few diacritics as possible. The third orthography was developed by the Ju|wa Bushman Development Foundation in 1994.

Juǀʼhoan alphabets and pronunciation (1994 version)

Juǀʼhoan alphabet and pronunication

Download an alphabet chart for Juǀʼhoan - includes the 1975, 1987 and 1994 orthographies (Excel)

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Information about the Juǀʼhoan languageǀʼhoansi

Recordings of Juǀʼhoan

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