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Cubeo (pãmié)

Cubeo is a Tucanoan language spoken by about 6,300 people mainly in Colombia. Cubeo speakers can be found in the Vaupés department along the Vaupés, Cuduyarí and Querarí rivers and their tributaries in Colombia, and also in Brazil and Venezuela.

There are three dialects of Cubeo which differ mainly in the pronunciation of some vowels, and also in some vocabulary.

Cubeo alphabet and pronunciation

Cubeo alphabet and pronunciation

Sample text in Cubeo (The Lord's Prayer)

Mʉ, ñʉjepacʉ, cavarõ mearocacʉ, meacʉ bajubu mʉ. Que baru caivʉ põeva mʉre pueđarĩ mearore jíjarãri. Bʉ́re đajacʉ mʉ mi jabotequiyede põevare. Caivʉ ijãravʉcavʉ đajarãri mearore yópe mi ʉrõpe, yópe ina cavarõ mearocavʉ ne đaiyepe mi ʉrõpe cainʉmʉa. Jíjacʉ ñʉjare jãravʉa coapa ñʉje ãiyeva. Aru ãrʉmetejacʉ ñʉje ãmeina teiyede, yópe ñʉja máre ñʉje ãrʉmeteiyepe caiye apevʉ ne ãmeina đaiyede ñʉjaque. Ñai abujuvai jabocʉ ʉ͂i jʉjovajʉroede ñʉjare vainí tʉicõjemejacʉ ñʉjare, ñʉje đabenaitepe ãmenore. Quénora ñʉjare ãmeđare đaicõjemejacʉ ñai abujuvai jabocʉre, arejameđa Jesús, náre bueyʉ Jʉ͂menijicʉque jẽniaiyede.


Sample text supplied by Michael Peter Füstumum

Information about Cubeo | Tower of Babel in Cubeo


Information about Cubeo

Gramática del Cubeo (PDF)

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