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Tuvaluan numbers

How to count in Tuvaluan (Te 'gana Tūvalu), a Polynesian language spoken mainly in Tuvalu in the South-Central Pacific.

Click on any of the numbers that are links (blue) to hear them spoken. If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
0 leai  
1 tasi te muamua
te mua
2 lua te lua
3 tolu te tolu
4 faa, fa te faa
5 lima te lima
6 ono te ono
7 fitu te fitu
8 valu te valu
9 iva te iva
10 sefulu, angafulu, toa te sefulu
11 sefulu tasi, angafulu ma tasi  
12 sefulu lua, sefulu ma lua
sefulu ma le lua, angafulu ma lua
13 sefulu tolu, angafulu ma tolu  
14 sefulu faa, angafulu ma faa  
15 sefulu lima, angafulu ma lima  
16 sefulu ono, angafulu ma ono  
17 sefulu fitu, angafulu ma fitu  
18 sefulu valu, angafulu ma valu  
19 sefulu iva, angafulu ma iva  
20 lua sefulu  
21 lua sefulu tasi
lua sefulu ma tasi
lua sefulu ma le tasi,
22 lua sefulu lua
lua sefulu ma lua
lua sefulu ma le lua
23 lua sefulu tolu
lua sefulu ma tolu
lua sefulu ma le tolu
24 lua sefulu faa
lua sefulu ma faa
lua sefulu ma le faa
25 lua sefulu lima
lua sefulu ma lima
lua sefulu ma le lima
26 lua sefulu ono
lua sefulu ma ono
lua sefulu ma le ono
27 lua sefulu fitu
lua sefulu ma fitu
lua sefulu ma le fitu
28 lua sefulu valu
lua sefulu ma valu
lua sefulu ma le valu
29 lua sefulu iva
lua sefulu ma iva
lua sefulu ma le iva
30 tolu sefulu  
40 faa sefulu  
50 lima sefulu  
60 ono sefulu  
70 fitu sefulu  
80 valu sefulu  
90 iva sefulu  
100 selau  
101 selau ma le tasi  
110 selau sefulu  
200 lua selau  
231 lua selau tolu sefulu tasi
lua selau tolu sefulu ma tasi
lua selau tolu sefulu ma le tasi
300 tolu selau  
400 faa selau  
500 lima selau  
600 ono selau  
700 fitu selau  
800 valu selau  
900 iva selau  
1,000 afe  
1,989 afe iva selau valu sefulu iva  
1,999 afe iva selau iva sefulu iva  
2,000 lua afe  
3,000 tolu afe  
4,000 faa afe  
5,000 lima afe  
6,000 ono afe  
7,000 fitu afe  
8,000 valu afe  
9,000 iva afe  
10,000 sefulu afe  
26,945 lua sefulu ono afe iva selau faa sefulu lima  
100,000 selau afe  
1,000,000 miliona, e tasi te miliona  

Other numbers

once fakatasi
twice fakalua
thrice fakatolu
four times fakafaa
five times fakalima
ten times fakasefulu taimi
dozen taseni
1/2 tasi vae lua, afa (half)
1/4 tasi vae faa, kuata (quarter)
3/4 tolu vae faa, tolu kuata (three quarter)


- Donald Gilbert Kennedy: Te Nganana a te Tuvalu. Handbook on the Language of the Tuvalu (Ellice) Islands.. Suva, Fiji – 1945.
- Geoff & Jenny Jackson: An Introduction to Tavaluan. Suva, Fiji – 1999.
- Niko Besnier: Tuvaluan. A Polynesian Language of the Central Pacific. London/New York – 2000.

Tuvaluan numbers and notes provided by Emanuel Fuchs, with additional numbers provided by Wolfgang Kuhl

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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