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Numbers in Tłı̨chǫ

Information about counting in Tłı̨chǫ (Dogrib), a Northern Athabaskan language spoken in the Northwest Territories of Canada

Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 ı̨łè
2 náke
3 tai
4 dı̨
5 sı̨lái
6 ek’ètai
7 łǫ̀hdı̨
8 ek’èdı̨
9 łǫǫ̀tǫ
10 hoònǫ
11 hoònǫ daats’ǫ̀ ı̨łè
12 hoònǫ daats’ǫ̀ náke
13 hoònǫ daats’ǫ̀ tai
14 hoònǫ daats’ǫ̀ dı̨
15 hoònǫ daats’ǫ̀ sı̨lái
16 hoònǫ daats’ǫ̀ ek’ètai
17 hoònǫ daats’ǫ̀ łǫ̀hdı̨
18 hoònǫ daats’ǫ̀ ek’èdı̨
19 hoònǫ daats’ ò łǫǫ̀tǫ
20 naènǫ
21 naènǫ daats’ǫ̀ ı̨łè
22 naènǫ daats’ǫ̀ náke
23 naènǫ daats’ǫ̀ tai
24 naènǫ daats’ǫ̀ dı̨
25 naènǫ daats’ǫ̀ sı̨lái
26 naènǫ daats’ǫ̀ ek’ètai
27 naènǫ daats’ǫ̀ łǫ̀hdı̨
28 naènǫ daats’ǫ̀ ek’èdı̨
29 naènǫ daats’ ò łǫǫ̀tǫ
30 taènǫ
40 dı̨ènǫ
45 dı̨ènǫ daats’ǫ̀ sı̨lái
50 sı̨làènǫ
60 ek’ètaènǫ
70 łǫ̀hdı̨ènǫ
80 ek’èdı̨ènǫ
90 łǫǫ̀tǫènǫ
100 ı̨łèakw’eènǫ, ı̨łèakw’iènǫ
1,000 lemì
once ı̨łàà, ı̨łèaht’aà
twice nàakeè, nàhokeè
three times taà
four times dı̨į̀

Source: Tłı̨chǫ Yatiì Enı̨htł’è. A Dogrib Dictionary. Dogrib Divisional Board of Education, 1996.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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