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Haida numbers

How to count in Haida (X̱aat Kíl), a language isolate spoken in British Columbia in Canada and in Alasaka in the USA.

Click on any of the numbers that are links (blue) to hear them spoken. If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me.

Numeral Cardinal
1 sgwáansang
2 sdáng
3 hlgúnahl
4 stánsang
5 tléihl
6 tla’únhl
7 jagwaa
8 sdáansaangaa
9 tláahl sgwáansang guu
10 tláahl
11 tláahl wáak sgwáansang
12 tláahl wáak sdáng
13 tláahl wáak hlgúnhl
14 tláahl wáak stánsang
15 tláahl wáak tléihl
16 tláahl wáak tla’únhl
17 tláahl wáak jagwaa
18 tláahl wáak sdáansaangaa
19 tláahl wáak tláahl sgwáansang guu
20 lagwa uu sgwáansang
tláalaay sdáng
25 lagwa uu sgwáansang wáak tléihl
30 tlaalee hlgúnahl
40 lagwa uu sdáng
50 tlaalee tléihl
60 lagwa uu hlgúnahl
70 tlaalee jagwaa
80 lagwa uu stánsang
90 tlaalee tláahlsgwáansangguu
100 lagwa uu tléihl
200 lagwa uu tláahl
300 lagwa uu tláahl wáak lagwa uu tléihl
400 lagwa uu tlaalee sdáng
500 lagwa uu tlaalee sdáng wáak lagwa uu tléihl
600 lagwa uu tlaalee hlgúnahl
700 lagwa uu tlaalee wáak lagwa uu tléihl
800 lagwa uu tlaalee sdáansaangaapuup keeta
900 lagwa uu tlaalee sdáansaangaa wáak lagwa uu tléihl
1,000 lagwa uu tlaalee tléihl
2,000 lagwa uu tlaalee tléihl wáak sdáng
3,000 lagwa uu tlaalee tléihl wáak hlgúnahl
4,000 lagwa uu tlaalee tléihl wáak stánsang
1,000,000 lagwa uu tlaalee kwan
(more than can be counted)
1 billion lagwa uu tlaalee kwan wáak lagwa uu tlaalee tléihl

Information about Haida numbers

Information about Haida | Numbers in Haida

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

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