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Numbers in Aymara

Information about counting in Aymara, an Aymaran language spoken mainly in Bolivia, Peru, and also in Chile and Argentina.

NumeralCardinal numbersOrdinal numbers
1maya, mänayriri, nayranquiri
2paya, pä *)payiri, payanquiri
3quimsaquimsiri, qimsanquiri
4pusipusiri, pusinquiri
5pheskapheskeri, pheskanquiri
6sojjtasojjtiri, sojjtanquiri
7pakallkopakallkori, pakallkonquiri
8quimsakallkoquimsakallkori, quimsakallkonquiri
9llätuncallätunquiri, llätuncanquiri
10tuncatunquiri, tuncanquiri
11tunca mayani **)tunca mayaniri, tunca mayaninquiri
12tunca payanitunca payaniri, tunca payaninquiri
13tunca quimsanitunca quimsaniri, tunca quimsaninquiri
14tunca pusinitunca pusiniri, tunca pusininquiri
15tunca pheskanitunca pheskaniri, tunca pheskaninquiri
16tunca sojjtanitunca sojjtaniri, tunca sojjtaninquiri
17tunca pakallkonitunca pakallkoniri, tunca pakallkoninquiri
18tunca quimsakallkonitunca quimsakallkoniri, tunca quimsakallkoninquiri
19tunca llätuncanitunca llätuncaniri, tunca llätuncanquiri
20pä tuncpä tunquiri, pä tuncanquiri
21pä tunc mayanipä tunc mayaniri, pä tunc mayaninquiri
22pä tunc payanipä tunc payaniri, pä tunc payaninquiri
23pä tunc quimsanipä tunc quimsaniri, pä tunc quimsaninquiri
24pä tunc pusinipä tunc pusiniri, pä tunc pusininquiri
25pä tunc pheskanipä tunc pheskaniri, pä tunc pheskaninquiri
26pä tunc sojjtanipä tunc sojjtaniri, pä tunc sojjtaninquiri
27pä tunc pakallkonipä tunc pakallkoniri, pä tunc pakallkoninquiri
28pä tunc quimsakallkonipä tunc quimsakallkoniri, pä tunc quimsakallkoninquiri
29pä tunc llätuncanipä tunc llätuncaniri, pä tunc llätuncaninquiri
30quimsa tuncaquimsa tunquiri, quimsa tuncanquiri
40pusi tuncapusi tunquiri, pusi tuncanquiri
50pheska tuncapheska tunquiri, pheska tuncanquiri
60sojjta tuncasojjta tunquiri, sojjta tuncanquiri
70pakallk tuncapakallk tunquiri, pakallk tuncanquiri
80quimsakallk tuncaquimsakallk tunquiri, quimsakallk tuncanquiri
90llätunc tuncallätunc tunquiri, llätunc tuncanquiri
100patacapataquiri, patacanquiri
200pä patacapä pataquiri, pä patacanquiri
300quimsa patacaquimsa pataquiri, quimsa patacanquiri
400pusi patacapusi pataquiri, pusi patacanquiri
500pheska patacapheska pataquiri, pheska patacanquiri
600sojjta patacasojjta pataquiri, sojjta patacanquiri
700pakallk patacapakallk pataquiri, pakallk patacanquiri
800quimsakallk patacaquimsakallk pataquiri, quimsakallk patacanquiri
900llätunc patacallätunc pataquiri, llätunc patacanquiri
1,000warankawaranquiri, warankanquiri
1,000,000millona, millunawarakan warankapanquiri


  • *) pä is the only form used in compound numerals. Cf. ’20, 200’.
  • **) -ni in compound numerals (11-19 and subsequent multiples of ten, 21-29, etc.) has the meaning of ‘with, and’. e.g. tunca mayani ‘11’ (’10 with 1’): may also be contracted to tunca mayni. tunca payani ‘12’: may also be contracted to tunca payni.

Source: Beginning Aymara. A Course for English Speakers. University of Washington. Seattle, Washington – 1967.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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