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How To Learn French the Fast Way Before Traveling Abroad

by François Destrebecq

It's not easy to defend the French language nowadays. However, when thinking about it, there are good reasons to learn this beautiful language. Before questioning How to learn French the Fast Way Before traveling Abroad, it is important to know what the French language represents.

Why learn French?

  • French is a language of history and culture: In the past, French was a language for the elite, adopted by numerous European courts for its class and elegance, it is also the foundation of scientific, humanist and gastronomy culture.
  • French is a question of cultural prestige: Today, the French language keeps its importance as being an essential tool in terms of communication and a transmitter of the high culture.
  • French has a geopolitical importance: France is both strongly territorialized and transnational through its education in most of the academic and global systems.
  • French plays a major global role: It is the official language of 32 nations and one very rare language that is learned on five continents. It is also the official language of the UN (the administrative work is only performed in English and French). It is the working language of the WHO (World Health Organization) as well as nongovernmental organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty international ...
  • French plays a European role: French is one of the official languages of the European Union and of the Council of Europe.
  • French plays a major role in sports: French is the language of FIFA and of the International Olympic Committee (the latter with English),
  • French answers economical issues: Numerous multinational firms are French; France perceives technological successes in many industries: agribusiness, automobile, mechanics, pharmaceutical ...
  • French is a question of style and luxury: to be "in", you must go to Paris since four times a year, we announce the collections of the upcoming seasons at the Carrousel du Louvre, showing the whole world what is to be worn…
  • French is a question of cinematography: we owe movie making to France and to the Lumières brothers but let's also say that Paris is very attractive to filmmakers and the making of their movies,
  • French is a question of genuine gastronomic prestige: The gastronomic French meal is part of the intangible heritage of UNESCO since November 2010…And renowned French chefs also gained global recognition…
  • French is a question of literature: who does not know our great literary masterpieces, our great philosophers, the first encyclopedias originate from the thoughts of French illuminists…

How to learn French?

Today, numerous institutions promote the French language: L'alliance française is a school that teaches the language. It is present in many countries. Expensive, it offers individual classes to those who want to learn French. The programs length is about 1 year.

However, other institutions that are not as expensive also offer individual sessions and very instructive programs more adapted to the students needs.

CSP Languages prepares you to obtain internationally recognized French certificates. CSP Languages also offers programs to learn the French language. CSP Languages also offers services of professional translations. Translating a document into a language while respecting cultural specificities and understanding the technical content is the role of CSP Languages. The programs can be carried out over the internet or on-site.

BestFrenchTutor.com offers a fun and creative approach to learning French, not common in traditional classroom and digital settings. There is asense of having actually learned something at the end of each session, and reaching your language goals becomes realistic and attainable. As your lessons continue, you'll find yourself stopping to think in French to transform the world from English to French, and this is in essence where the success comes from . . . creating an environment where you engage with the language and not just repeat terms you've memorized. Given the equation it uses to get its students to engage and learn the language.

Wyzant offers a large list of professionals offering services of individual lessons to learn different languages including French. It is more in the geared toward helping with homework in various fields.

Given the equation it uses to get its students to engage and learn the language.

About the author

Francois Nicolas works for BestFrenchTutor.com as a French instructor for Miami Dade College, private French instructor. He established a learning method relying solely on listening and verbal communication to understand and speak French very easily

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