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More on BSL

Continuing yesterday’s sign language theme, I’ve been looking for information about British Sign Language (BSL) and have found a number online lessons and courses, as well as some information about the language. I’ve even learned a few signs. BSL is used by over 70,000 deaf people, and also by some 100,000 hearing people. It was […]

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Science and Sign Language

What do you do if you want to discuss scientific matters such as photosynthesis or magnetism in sign language? Well, most users of British Sign Language have to spell out the such words using finger spelling, which is quite cumbersome and time consuming. Recently however, the Scottish Sensory Centre at Edinburgh University‘s School of Education […]

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Objazd / Diversion

Where might you see a sign like the one on the right? The answer, according to an article I found last week, is in Cheshire, England. The sign reads “DIVERSION A49 for Whitchurch and nearby places” and was erected by the Cheshire County Council, who claim that it is needed due to the large numbers […]

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Name the language

Here’s a recording in a mystery language. Any ideas which language it is and in which countries it’s spoken? Clue: This language is spoken mainly in Africa.

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Word of the day – luthier

A luthier is someone who makes or repairs stringed instruments. The word comes from the French luth (lute). Luthiers are often divided into two categories: those who deal with plucked or strummed instruments, such as guitars, banjos, mandolins, etc, and those who devote themselves to bowed instruments, such as violin, violas and cellos. The latter […]

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Radio Lingua

A useful site I found this week is Radio Lingua, which offers podcasts to help you learn Spanish, French and German, or the basics of Polish, Irish, German and Russian in one minute chunks. The one minute podcasts are also available here. Learning languages a little at a time like this seems to be quite […]

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Word of the day – Arbejdsglæde

Arbejdsglæde is a Danish word meaning literally “work gladness/joy”. There are apparently similar words in the other Scandinavian languages, and also in Dutch (arbeidsvreugde) and German (Arbeitszufriedenheit). The closest equivalent I can find in English is job satisfaction, though this doesn’t seem to have quite the same meaning as the Danish one. I found this […]

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Name the language

Here’s a recording of a mystery language. Any ideas which language it is and where it’s spoken?

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Devanagari Fonts

Namaste, Simon agreed that I’ll occasionally post reviews about Asia, India and devanagari, typography and some font & linguistic software related matters as well. I’m a young man, born in Riga and spreading the Sanskrit message around the world. Working as a Sanskrit Reader in Russia, teaching at the Russian State University and writing a […]

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Word of the day – transliteration

Transliteration, from the Latin trans, across, and littera, letter, is the practice of transferring a text from one writing system to another. Transliteration can be used to give people who can’t read other alphabets an idea how to pronounce words and names, though without some knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of pronunciation of the original languages, […]

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