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Language learning challenge

A number of the denizens of the forum at How to learn any language are conducting an experiment to see how much of a language they can learn in 6 weeks. They’ve chosen languages they haven’t studied before and there has been quite a lot of discussion about learning techniques and how to measure the […]

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Name that tune

Here is a recording of part of a song in a mystery language. Can you name the song and work what language it is?

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Language quiz

Today’s recording is part of a story in one of the indigenous languages of Alaska. Can you guess or do you know which one?

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Počasí (Weather)

Dnes bylo hezky, teplo a slunečno. Šla Šel jsem do na nábřeží. Věřím, že zítra bude taky pĕknĕ. It’s been a bright, warm sunny day in Brighton today. I spent the afternoon down on the seafront practising my unicycling, juggling and other circus skills. I hope it will be nice again tomorrow. The chapter of […]

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Word of the day – toponymy

Toponymy is the study of the origins and meanings of place names (toponyms). It comes from the Greek τόπος (topos) – place, and oνομα (ōnoma) – name. It is a branch onomastics, the study of all kinds of names. The other day I came across an interesting site containing information about the Welsh, Gaelic, Scandinavian […]

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It’s never too late to learn

The University of Wales Lampeter’s Welsh Department runs a number of e-learning courses which can lead to degrees in Welsh or Welsh Studies. The courses are delivered mainly over the web, but students are encouraged to go to summer schools at Lampeter. Recently a retired telecommunications engineer from Nottingham was awarded the Lampeter’s first e-learning […]

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Haiku as Gaeilge

Here are a few more haiku, in Irish this time, which I found on the Irish Gaelic translation forum. Some of the translations are my own, so may not be entirely correct. Tá sé in ann dom Bheith ag foghlaim Gaeilge Go deireadh an saoil I have to be learning Irish to the end of […]

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Word of the day – haiku

As I’m sure many of you know, haiku (俳句) are short Japanese poems made of of 17 syllables usually in 3 lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. The only Japanese haiku I can remember is: 古池や (furu ike ya) 蛙飛びこむ (kawazu tobikomu) 水の音 (mizu no oto) An old pond a frog jumps in splash! There are […]

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Language quiz

Here are recordings of a number of different people speaking varieties of French, or French-based Creoles. Can you work out where the people are from and which variety/creole they are speaking? Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3

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