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The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)

Ko'reuaju (Koreguaje)

Vᵾ'e ᵾmᵾ nᵾkavᵾ'e cho'osi'ere kᵾamᵾ

Tower of Babel in Koreguaje

Source: Dios chu‘o charo tocha jo’kasi‘e pa‘iphuro. Resumen del Antiguo Testamento en el idioma koreguaje. Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc., 2013.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

Koreguaje, or Correguaje, is a Tucanoan language spoken in Colombia by about 2,210 people.

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Tower of Babel in Tucanoan Languages

Cubeo, Desano, Guanano / Wanano, Koreguaje, Orejón

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