Qo Xiong (Dut Xongb)

Qo Xiong is a Hmong-Mien language spoken mainly in Hunan Province in China, and also in Guizhou, Hubei, Chongqing and Guanxi Provinces. In 1995 there were 900,000 speakers of Qo Xiong, which is also known as Xong, Xiangxi Miao, Western Hunan Miao, Eastern Miao, Meo, Red Miao or North Hmongic.

There are several different varieties of Qo Xiong. The one with the most speakers is spoken in Jiwei Township (吉卫镇) in Huayuan County (花垣县) in Hunan.

The standard written form of Qo Xiong was developed in the 1950s and based on the dialect spoken in Layiping village (腊乙坪寨), Jiwei in Huayuan County in Hunan.

Qo Xiong alphabet and pronunciation

Qo Xiong alphabet and pronunciation

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Details of the Qo Xiong alphabet and pronunciation provided by Wolfram Siegel


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