Nivaclé (Guisnai)

Nivaclé is a Matacoan language spoken in the Gran Chaco region of northwestern Paraguay and northern Argentina by about 10,550 people. In Paraguay it is spoken by 10,100 people in the southeast of Boquerón department, and in Presidente Hayes department. In Argentina there are about 550 speakers of Nivaclé in Rivadavia and San Martín departments of the north of Salta province, and in the Patiño department of Formosa province.

Nivaclé is also known as Ashluslé, Suhin, Sujín, Chunupí, Churupí or Choropí. Dialects include Forest Nivaclé (Jotoy Lhavós) and River Nivaclé (Tovoc Lhavós).

Nivaclé is taught in primary schools in Paraguay, and used in literature and on the radio.

A way to write Nivaclé with the Latin alphabet was devised by José Seelwische in the 1970s, and used in a number of publications, including his 1980 Nivaclé-Spanish dictionary. The Linguistic Committee of the Nivaclé People published a new dictionary of Nivaclé in 2010 using a slightly modified version of Seelwische's alphabet. Other orthgraphies have been used in other publications.

Nivaclé alphabet and pronunciation

Nivaclé alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Nivaclé (Excel)

Some phrases in Nivaclé

Source: Nivaclé Grammar, By Lyle Campbell, Luis Díaz, Fernando Ángel

Samples of spoken Nivaclé

Information about Nivaclé | Tower of Babel


Information about the Nivaclé languageé

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