The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9)


Pa ujquishaam jpôyich yiey pa Babel

  1. Pava lhech nalhus ve'lha pa lhcliish lhacôm'a papi yiey na cotsjaat.
  2. Ti tay'e pa cotsjaat lhum'ôcjinucjulh pa yi'van pa is tavashay yiey pa cotsjaat Sinar, pa lhech mônlhee.
  3. Ve'lha pa nalhu ti yit'eshvane ts'ivee: “Shtasnatesh pava cotsjatis pa shtalhôneyshi shta. Pa yan'e pava cotsjatis pa tanca utesa. Pa yan'ec'oya pa ts'anatshi pa tanca lhecha pa cotsjaat.
  4. Lhechesh pa yit'esh: “Ata'lhunelh, tajulhey ca shtasnatesh pa ve'lha yitsaat shi' pa ve'lha jpôyich yamey pa vôôs. Pa nôque lhjunash jaspa caslhnetônjaseesh jayu pa tanca shtacatsôn'in yiey na cotsjaat.”
  5. Taj ti pa Lhcaanvacle nacheyshicham ca niclôvalh pa yitsaat shi' pa ujquishaam jpôyich pan yan'e'in papi nivale.
  6. Lhechesh pa yaychavalh'in pa Lhcaanvalce: “Nan lhjunash ca ve'lha lhavtsat'a' shi' ca ve'lhaa pa lhcliish, ti palha tôlhesh'e nôque lhcumjayash; pa nôqueesh pa tanca nanvômjayu'esh nava yisnatesh.
  7. Pa tajulhey ca shnôquelheyshicham ca shtacatsônjatesh pa lhcliish, ca jaspa ya aj ca nivatpeya t'ôyish'e.”
  8. Pa nôque lhfanishesh pa Lhcaanvacle pa yicatsônjat'apee lhacôm'a na cotsjaat. Pa lhechesh pa vô'mesh ti yisnatesh pa yitsaat.
  9. Lhech yie' pa Lhcaanvacle ti yicatsônjatesh pa lhcliish lhacôm'a papi nivacle yiey na cotsjaat. Pa lhecheshch'e ti vacôtsôn'in nan tuc'a'e na cotsjaat. Pa lhe'naa pa yitsaat ti lheyesh Babel.

Source: Nivaclé Bible (NIVA). Paraguayan Bible Society.

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl

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