Mundang (zah Mundaŋ)

Mundang is a member of the Northern Mbum branch of the Atlantic-Congo language family. It is spoken in Chad and Cameroon, specifically in the Mayo-Kebbi Ouest Region in the southwest of Chad, and in the Far North Region in the north of Cameroon. There are about 235,700 speakers of Mundang.

Mundang was first written in 1921 with the Latin alphabet using a spelling system devised by French missionaries. A grammar of Mundang was published in 1965, and a translation of the Bible was published in 1983. Other religious and non-religious books in Mundang have also been produced.

Mundang has no official status in Chad, where French and Arabic are the offical languages. There is, however, an organisation to promote the Mundang language in Cameroon and Chad, and they have been working on a dictionary since 1955.

Mundang alphabet and pronunciation

Mundang alphabet and pronunciation


Nasal vowels are written with a tilde (˜).

Download an alphabet chart for Mundang (Excel)

Sample text (Lord's Prayer)

Pa ɓuu mai mo no sǝŋ, Tǝɗii ɓo mo yea pǝyǝkki, Goŋ ɓo mo ge, Mo joŋ 'yah ɓo wo sǝr tǝgbana mai moo joŋ sǝŋ ta. Mo nyi farel ru kǝ̃ǝ tǝ'nahko. Mo rõm faɓe' ɓuuru, Tǝgbana ruu rõm za mai moo joŋra ɓǝɓe' wo ɓuuru. Mo soɓ ru ge pǝ cok mai faɓe' moo kǝǝ ru gŋ ka, Amma mo ǝ̃ǝ ru gin jol Satan. Mor goŋe, ne swahe, ne yǝk daŋ ma ɓo yo ŋhaa ga lii.

Details provided by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample video in Mundang

Information about Mundang | Numbers | Tower of Babel


Information about the Mundang language

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