Ibibio is a member of the Benue–Congo branch of the Atlantic–Congo language family. It spoken in Akwa Iborn and Cross River states in southern Nigeria by about 1.5 to 2 million people. Ibibio is closely related to Efik, and the two languages are considered as one by some.

Ibibio has been used on Nigerian radio and TV since the 1970s. The language is used for business in Akwa Iborn state, and is taught in primary and secondary schools, and universities.

Ibibio alphabet and pronunciation

Ibibio alphabet and pronunciation

Hear the Ibibio alphabet

Source http://nsitatai.org/ilc/images/ibibio_dictionary01.pdf

Download an alphabet chart for Ibibio (Excel)

Sample text in Ibibio

Ke abaña uduak ediyak utom umịññ kpọ ake ukara nnọọ mbonowo. Njobio owo nseabasi ette. Ke emʌm umiañ nditọ akwa ibom edueehe mbet ufọk utom emi. Ke ekpesʌk odo eenyịmme ebo ke ibaan esọñ itak afara unamñkpọ.

Source: http://arnebachmann.pytalhost.de/pdf/thesis-bachmann.pdf

Details supplied by Michael Peter Füstumum

Sample videos in Ibibio

Information about Ibibio


Information about Ibibio

Ibibio dictionary

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