Time in Swahili

How to tell the time in Swahili (Kiswahili), a Bantu language spoken in much of east Africa.

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Note: in the Swahili-speaking world, daytime runs from sunrise (6am) to sunset (6pm), so saa moja asubuhi ("the first hour of the morning") is equivalent to 7am elsewhere.

365-14: Swahili Time


English Swahili
What time is it? Ni saa ngapi?
06:00 Saa Kumi na mbili asubuhi (12:00 in the morning)
07:00 Saa moja asubuhi (1:00 in the morning)
08:00 Saa mbili asubuhi (2:00 in the morning)
09:00 Saa tatu asubuhi (3:00 in the morning)
10:00 Saa nne asubuhi (4:00 in the morning)
11:00 Saa tano asubuhi (5:00 in the morning)
12:00 Saa sita mchana (6:00 in the afternoon)
13:00 Saa saba mchana (7:00 in the afternoon)
14:00 Saa nana mchana (8:00 in the afternoon)
15:00 Saa tisa mchana (9:00 in the afternoon)
16:00 Saa kumi jioni (10:00 in the evening
17:00 Saa kumi na moja jioni (11:00 in the evening)
18:00 Saa kumi na mbili jioni (12:00 in the evening)
19:00 Saa moja usiku (1:00 in the night)
20:00 Saa mbili usiku (2:00 in the night)
21:00 Saa tatu usiku (3:00 in the night)
22:00 Saa nne usiku (4:00 in the night)
23:00 Saa tano usiku (5:00 in the night)
00:00 (midnight) Saa sita usiku (6:00 in the night)
01:00 Saa saba usiku (7:00 in the night)
02:00 Saa nane usiku (8:00 in the night)
03:00 Saa tisa usiku (9:00 in the night)
04:00 Saa kumi asubuhi (10:00 in the morning)
05:00 Saa kumi na moja asubuhi (11:00 in the morning)
09:45 Saa nne kasorobo
11:30 Saa tano unusu, Sano tano na nusu
10:15 Saa nne na robo
12:15 Saa sita na dakika kumi na tano
in the morning (06:00-11:59) asubuhi
in the afternoon (12:00-16:59) mchana
in the evening (17:00-18:59) jioni
at night (19:00-05:59) usiku


Hear how to tell the time in Swahili:

Days of the week

Monday jumatatu
Tuesday jumanne
Wednesday jumatano
Thursday alhamisi
Friday ijumaa
Saturday jumamosi
Sunday jumapili


Months of the year

January januari
February februari
March machi
April aprili
May mei
June juni
July julai
August agosti
September septemba
October oktoba
November novemba
December desemba



Spring bamvua
Summer kiangazi
Autumn/Fall demani
Winter majira ya baridi


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Information about telling the time in Swahili


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