Telling the time in Cantonese

How to tell the time in Cantonese, a variety of Chinese spoken in southern China and in many overseas Chinese communities.

English Cantonese (廣東話)
What time is it? 而家幾點呀? (yīgā géidím a?)
It's one o'clock 而家一點 (yīgā yātdím)
It's quarter past one 而家一點三 (yīgā yātdím sāam)
It's half past one 而家一點半 (yīgā yātdím bun)
It's quarter to two 而家一點九 (yīgā yātdím gáu)
It's two o'clock 而家兩點 (yīgā léuhngdím)
It's quarter past two 而家兩點三 (yīgā léuhngdím sāam)
It's half past two 而家兩點半 (yīgā léuhngdím bun)
It's quarter to three 而家兩點九 (yīgā léuhngdím gáu)
It's three o'clock 而家三點 (yīgā sāamdím)
It's quarter past three 而家三點三 (yīgā sāamdím sāam)
It's half past three 而家三點半 (yīgā sāamdím bun)
It's quarter to four 而家三點九 (yīgā sāamdím gáu)
It's four o'clock 而家四點 (yīgā seidím)
It's quarter past four 而家四點三 (yīgā seidím sāam)
It's half past four 而家四點半 (yīgā seidím bun)
It's quarter to five 而家四點九 (yīgā seidím gáu)
It's five o'clock 而家五點 (yīgā ńghdím)
It's quarter past five 而家五點三 (yīgā ńghdím sāam)
It's half past five 而家五點半 (yīgā ńghdím bun)
It's quarter to six 而家五點九 (yīgā ńghdím gáu)
It's six o'clock 而家六點 (yīgā luhkdím)
It's quarter past six 而家六點三 (yīgā luhkdím sāam)
It's half past six 而家六點半 (yīgā luhkdím bun)
It's quarter to seven 而家六點九 (yīgā luhkdím gáu)
It's seven o'clock 而家七點 (yīgā chātdím)
It's quarter past seven 而家七點三 (yīgā chātdím sāam)
It's half past seven 而家七點半 (yīgā chātdím bun)
It's quarter to eight 而家七點九 (yīgā chātdím gáu)
It's eight o'clock 而家八點 (yīgā baatdím)
It's quarter past eight 而家八點三 (yīgā baatdím sāam)
It's half past eight 而家八點半 (yīgā baatdím bun)
It's quarter to nine 而家八點九 (yīgā baatdím gáu)
It's nine o'clock 而家九點 (yīgā gáudím)
It's quarter past nine 而家九點三 (yīgā gáudím sāam)
It's half past nine 而家九點半 (yīgā gáudím bun)
It's quarter to ten 而家九點九 (yīgā gáudím gáu)
It's ten o'clock 而家十點 (yīgā sahpdím)
It's quarter past ten 而家十點三 (yīgā sahpdím sāam)
It's half past ten 而家十點半 (yīgā sahpdím bun)
It's quarter to eleven 而家十點九 (yīgā sahpdím gáu)
It's eleven o'clock 而家十一點 (yīgā sahpyātdím)
It's quarter past eleven 而家十一點三 (yīgā sahpyātdím sāam)
It's half past eleven 而家十一點半 (yīgā sahpyātdím bun)
It's quarter to twelve 而家十一點九 (yīgā sahpyātdím gáu)
It's twelve o'clock 而家十二點 (yīgā sahpyihdím)
It's quarter past twelve 而家十二點三 (yīgā sahpyihdím sāam)
It's half past twelve 而家十二點半 (yīgā sahpyihdím bun)
It's quarter to one 而家十二點九 (yīgā sahpyihdím gáu)
it's midnight 而家半夜 (yīgā bunyé)
it's midday 而家中午 (yīgā jungńgh)
in the morning 上晝 / 朝早 (seuhngjau / jīujóu)
in the afternoon 下晝 / 晏晝 (hahjau / ngaanjau)
in the evening 夜晚 (yehmáahn)


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