Numbers in Tolaki

How to count in Tolaki(nese), a Celebic language spoken in south east Sulawesi in Indonesia.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 o’aso ko-aso
2 oruo ko-ruo
3 otolu ko-tolu
4 o’omba ko-omba
5 o’limo ko-limo
6 o’ono ko-ono
7 opitu ko-opitu
8 hoalu ko-hoalu
9 osio ko-osio
10 hopulo ko-hopulo*
11 hopulo o’aso  
12 hopulo oruo  
13 hopulo otolu  
14 hopulo o’omba  
15 hopulo o’limo  
16 hopulo o’ono  
17 hopulo opitu  
18 hopulo hoalu  
19 hopulo osio  
20 rua-mbulo  
21 rua-mbulo o’aso  
22 rua-mbulo oruo  
23 rua-mbulo otolu  
24 rua-mbulo o’omba  
25 rua-mbulo o’limo  
26 rua-mbulo o’ono  
27 rua-mbulo opitu  
28 rua-mbulo hoalu  
29 rua-mbulo osio  
30 tolu-mbulo  
40 pato-mbulo  
50 lima-mbulo  
60 onoma-mbulo  
70 pitu-mbulo  
80 halu-mbulo  
90 sio-mbulo  
100 aso-etu  
200 rua-etu  
231 rua-etu tolu-mbulo o’aso  
300 tolu etu  
400 pato-etu  
500 lima-etu  
600 noma-etu  
700 pitu-etu  
800 halu-etu  
900 sio-etu  
1,000 aso-sowu  
2,000 rua-sowu  
3,000 tolu-sowu  
4,000 pato-sowu  
5,000 lima-sowu  
6,000 ono-sowu, onoma sowu  
7,000 pitu-sowu  
8,000 halu-sowu  
9,000 sio-sowu  
10,000 hopulo-sowu  
78,433 pitu-mbulo halu-sowu pato-etu tolu-mbulo otolu  
923,560 sito-etu rua-mbulo tolu-sowu lima-etu onoma-mbulo  

*It is not clear how ordinals of multiples of ten, hundred or a thousand would be formed, as these do not arise often in natural speech, and Indonesian forms tend to be used when the need arises.

Source: Marian Klamer & František Kratochvíl. Number and quantity in East Nusantara. Asia Pacific Linguistics. The Australian National University. Canberra – 2014.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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