Numbers in Muna

How to count in Muna, a Celebic language spoken on Muna and Buton Islands in Indonesia.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 ise
2 dua
3 tolu
4 paa
5 dima
6 noo
7 pitu
8 oalu
9 siua
10 ompulu
11 ompulu se-ise
12 ompulu ru-dua
13 ompulu to-tolu
14 ompulu po-paa
15 ompulu di-dima
16 ompulu no-noo
17 ompulu pi-pitu
18 ompulu oalu
19 ompulu si-siua
20 raa-fulu
21 raa-fulu se-ise
22 raa-fulu ru-dua
23 raa-fulu to-tolu
24 raa-fulu po-paa
25 raa-fulu di-dima
26 raa-fulu no-noo
27 raa-fulu pi-pitu
28 raa-fulu oalu
29 raa-fulu si-siua
30 tolu-fulu
40 fato-fulu
50 lima-fulu
60 nomo-fulu
70 fitu-fulu
80 alu-fulu
90 siua-fulu
100 moghono
101 moghono se-ise
134 moghono tolu-fulu po-paa
200 raa-moghono
300 tolu-moghono
400 paa-moghono
500 dima-moghono
600 noo-moghono
700 pitu-moghono
800 oalu-moghono
900 siua-moghono
1,000 se-riwu
2,000 raa-riwu
3,000 tolu-riwu
4,000 paa-riwu
5,000 dima-riwu
6,000 noo-riwu
7,000 pitu-riwu
8,000 oalu-riwu
9,000 siua-riwu
10,000 se-lasa
1,000,000 se-juta,
se-lila (lit. innumerable, without number)

Source: René van den Berg. A Grammar of the Muna Language, pp. 111-112. SIL International – 2013.

Information compiled by Wolfgang Kuhl

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