Numbers in Malagasy (Fiteny Malagasy)

Details of how to count in Malagasy with cardinal and ordinal numbers.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 aotra, zerao  
1 iray voalohany
2 roa faharoa
3 telo fahatelo
4 efatra fahefatra
5 dimy fahadimy
6 enina fahenina
7 fito fahafito
8 valo fahavalo
9 sivy fahasivy
10 folo fahafolo
11 iraika ambinʼny folo faha-iraika ambinʼny folo
12 roa ambinʼny folo faharoa ambinʼny folo
13 telo ambinʼny folo fahatelo ambinʼny folo
14 efatra ambinʼny folo fahafatra ambinʼny folo
15 dimy ambinʼny folo fahadimy ambinʼny folo
16 enina ambinʼny folo fahenina ambinʼny folo
17 fito ambinʼny folo fahafito ambinʼny folo
18 valo ambinʼny folo fahavalo ambinʼny folo
19 sivy ambinʼny folo fahasivy ambinʼny folo
20 roapolo faharoapolo
21 iraika amby roapolo faha-iraika amby roapolo
22 roa amby roapolo faharoa amby roapolo
23 telo amby roapolo fahatelo amby roapolo
24 efatra amby roapolo fahefatra amby roapolo
25 dimy amby roapolo fahadimy amby roapolo
26 enina amby roapolo fahenina amby roapolo
27 fito amby roapolo fahafito amby roapolo
28 valo amby roapolo fahavalo amby roapolo
29 sivy amby roapolo fahasivy amby roapolo
30 telopolo fahatelopolo
31 iraika amby telopolo fahairaika amby telopolo
40 efapolo fahefapolo
50 dimampolo fahadimampolo
60 enimpolo fahenimpolo
70 fitopolo fahafitopolo
80 valopolo fahavalopolo
90 sivifolo fahasivifolo
100 zato fahazato
101 iraika amby zato faha-iraika amby zato
110 folo amby zato fahafolo amby zato
120 roapolo amby zato faharoapolo amby zato
137 fito amby telopolo amby zato fahafito amby telopolo amby zato
200 roanjato faharoanjato
300 telonjato fahatelonjato
400 efajato fahefajato
500 dimanjato fahadimanjato
600 eninjato faheninjato
700 fitonjato fahafitonjato
800 valonjato fahavalonjato
900 sivinjato fahasivinjato
1,000 arivo faharivo
1,978 valo amby fitopolo sy sivinjato sy arivo fahavalo amby fitopolo sy sivinjato sy arivo
2,000 roa arivo faharoa arivo
3,000 telo arivo fahatelo arivo
4,000 efatra arivo fahefatra arivo
5,000 dimy arivo fahadimy arivo
6,000 enina arivo fahenina arivo
7,000 fito arivo fahafito arivo
8,000 valo arivo fahavalo arivo
9,000 sivy arivo fahasivy arivo
10,000 iray alina faha- iray alina
100,000 iray hetsy faha-iray hetsy
1,000,000 iray tapitrisa faha-iray tapitrisa
1,000,000,000 arivo tapitrisa faharivo tapitrisa

If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if you can provide recordings, please contact me.

Malagasy numbers supplied by Wolfgang Kuhl

Source: Малагасийско-Русский и Русско-Малагасийский Разговорник. Москва - 1981. Resadresaka Tsotra Aminʼny Teny Malagasy Sy Rosiana. Русско-Малагасийский Словарь. Москва - 1970. Diksionary Rosianina-Malagasy. Малагасийско-Русский Словарь. Москва - 1966/1987. Dikisionary Malgasy-Rosiana.


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