Numbers in Lisu

How to count in Lisu (ꓡꓲ-ꓢꓴ), a Tibeto-Burman language spoken in parts of China, Burma, Thailand and India.

Note: some numbers change their pronunciation slightly when counting specific things.

Numeral Cardinal numbers
1 ꓕꓲꓽ [tʰì]
2 ꓠꓬꓲꓽ [ɲì]
3 ꓢꓺ [sɑ̱]
4 ꓡꓲꓸ [lí]
5 ꓥꓪꓽ [ŋwɑ̀]
6 ꓛꓳꓽ [ʧʰò]
7 ꓫꓵꓼ [ʃɨ̀]
8 ꓦꓰꓼ [h̆è̱]
9 ꓗꓴꓸ [kú]
10 ꓞꓲꓻ [tsʰɨ]
11 ꓞꓲꓻ ꓔꓲꓸ [tsʰɨ tí]
12 ꓞꓲꓻ ꓠꓬꓲꓽ [tsʰɨ ɲì]
13 ꓞꓲꓻ ꓢꓺ [tsʰɨ sɑ̱]
14 ꓞꓲꓻ ꓡꓲꓸ [tsʰɨ lí]
15 ꓞꓲꓻ ꓥꓪꓽ [tsʰɨ ŋwɑ̀]
16 ꓞꓲꓻ ꓛꓳꓽ [tsʰɨ ʧʰò]
17 ꓞꓲꓻ ꓫꓵꓼ tsʰɨ [ʃɨ̀]
18 ꓞꓲꓻ ꓦꓰꓼ [tsʰɨ h̆è̱]
19 ꓞꓲꓻ ꓗꓴꓸ [tsʰɨ kú]
20 ꓝꓲꓻ ꓞꓲꓻ [ɲì tsɨ]
21 ꓝꓲꓻ ꓞꓲꓻ ꓕꓲ [ɲì tsɨ tʰì]
22 ꓝꓲꓻ ꓞꓲꓻ ꓝꓲꓻ [ɲì tsɨ ɲì]
23 ꓝꓲꓻ ꓞꓲꓻ ꓢꓺ [ɲì tsɨ sɑ̱]
24 ꓝꓲꓻ ꓞꓲꓻ ꓡꓲꓸ [ɲì tsɨ lí]
25 ꓝꓲꓻ ꓞꓲꓻ ꓥꓪꓽ [ɲì tsɨ ŋwɑ̀]
26 ꓝꓲꓻ ꓞꓲꓻ ꓛꓳꓽ [ɲì tsɨ ʧʰò]
27 ꓝꓲꓻ ꓞꓲꓻ ꓫꓵꓼ [ɲì tsɨ ʃɨ̀]
28 ꓝꓲꓻ ꓞꓲꓻ ꓦꓰꓼ [ɲì tsɨ h̆è̱]
29 ꓝꓲꓻ ꓞꓲꓻ ꓗꓴꓸ [ɲì tsɨ kú]
30 ꓢꓺ ꓞꓲꓻ [sɑ̱ tsʰɨ]
40 ꓡꓲꓸ ꓞꓲꓻ [lí tsʰɨ]
50 ꓥꓪꓽ ꓞꓲꓻ [ŋwɑ̀ tsʰɨ]
60 ꓛꓳꓽ ꓞꓲꓻ [ʧʰò tsʰɨ]
70 ꓫꓵꓼ ꓞꓲꓻ [ʃɨ̀ tsʰɨ]
80 ꓦꓰꓼ ꓞꓲꓻ [h̆è̱ tsʰɨ]
90 ꓗꓴꓸ ꓞꓲꓻ [kú tsʰɨ]
100 ꓕꓲ ꓦꓬꓻ [tʰì h̆jɑ)
1,000 ꓕꓲ ꓔꓴꓺ [tʰì tu̱]
10,000 ꓟꓶꓽ [mɯ̀]
1 million ꓝꓹ [tsɑ̌]

Hear some Lisu numbers:

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