Igbo numbers (Ọnụọgụgụ)

How to count in Igbo (Ásụ̀sụ̀ Ìgbò), a Volta-Niger language spoken mainly in southeast Nigeria. The numbers shown here are the ones used in Imo state in Nigeria, which have been taught in schools since the 1970s. Slightly different versions of the numbers are used in other states.

There are two counting systems used in Igbo: a vigesimal or base-20 system, and a decimal or base-10 system. The vigesimal system is currently most popular.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 oroghoro
1 otu nke mbụ / Nke izizi
2 abụọ nke abụọ
3 atọ nke atọ
4 anọ nke anọ
5 ise nke ise
6 isii nke isii
7 asaa nke asaa
8 asato nke asato
9 itoolu nke iteghete / nke itoolu
10 iri nke iri
11 iri na otu nke iri na otu
12 iri na abụọ nke iri na abụọ
13 iri na atọ nke iri na atọ
14 iri na anọ nke iri na anọ
15 iri na ise nke iri na ise
16 iri na isii nke iri na isii
17 iri na asaa nke iri na asaa
18 iri na asato nke iri na asatọ
19 iri na iteghete / itoolu / itenanị nke iri na iteghete / nke iri na itenanị / nke iri na itoolu
20 iri abụọ (decimal)
ọgụ (vegisimal)
21 iri abụọ na otu
22 iri abụọ na abụọ
23 iri abụọ na atọ
24 iri abụọ na anọ
25 iri abụọ na ise
26 ri abụọ na isii
27 iri abụọ na asaa
28 iri abụọ na asatọ
29 iri abụọ na iteghete / itenanị / itoolu
30 iri atọ
40 iri anọ
50 iri ise
60 iri isii
70 iri asaa
80 iri asatọ
90 iri itoolu
100 otu narị
101 otu narị na otu
200 narị abụọ
300 narị atọ
400 narị anọ (decimal)
nnụ (vigesimal)
500 narị ise
600 narị isii
700 narị asaa
800 narị asatọ
900 narị iteghete / itenanị / itoolu
1,000 otu puku
2,000 puku abụọ
3,000 puku atọ
10,000 puku iri
100,000 puku narị
1,000,000 otu nde
1 billion otu ijeri

Corrections by Yvonne Chioma Mbanefo

Hear some Igbo numbers:

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