Colour words in Igbo

Words for colours and colour-related expressions in Igbo (Ásụ̀sụ̀ Ìgbò), a Volta-Niger language spoken mainly in southeast Nigeria.

adba - colour

black ojii, ojiī - black


  • òji ōji - black, blackish
  • Ndi ōji - Africans, black people
  • onye ōji - a black person

white ọcha - white, light-coloured, clean, pure, undefiled


  • ọ̀cha - whiteness, light-colour
  • -dị ọ̀cha - to be fair in complexion, be white, clean
  • nnekwu ọcha - white hen
  • onye ọcha - a white person

red mmee mmee - red, reddish; ọbara ọbara - red


  • -cha ọ̀bàla ọ̀bàlà, -cha ọ̀bàra ọ̀bàrà - to be red, blood-red
  • -cha ufie ūfie - to be red

yellow edo edo - yellow; ògùlu ògùlù - yellow; àkpammānụ - yellow, brown


  • èdò - yellow vegetable dye, yellow (colour)
  • -cha/dị èdo èdò - to be yellow
  • ògùlù - yellow(ness)

blue anụnụ anụnụ - blue

green ndụ ndụ - green; akwụkwọ ndụ - green (“green leaves”)


  • -zọ ndụ̀ - state of being living, raw, fresh, green, uncooked

brown aja aja - brown; àkpammānụ - yellow, brown

pink ire ire - pink

orange pọpọ pọpọ, nchara nchara - orange

grey ntụ ntụ - grey

purple odo odo - purple

silver ọla ọcha - silver

gold ọnā èdò, ọla edo - gold

Hear some Igbo colours:


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