Ewe numbers

How to count in Ewe (Èʋegbe), a Volta-Niger language spoken in Ghana, Togo and Benin.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
0 nadeke, nanekeo
1 ɖeka [ˈdɛ.kɑː] gbãtɔ [ɡ͡bãtɔ]
2 eve [ˈeve] evelia [ˈevelɪɑː]
3 etɔ̃ etɔ̃lia
4 ene enelia [ˈenelɪɑː]
5 atɔ̃ atɔ̃lia
6 ade adelia
7 adrɛ adrɛlia
8 enyi enyilia
9 asieke asiekelia [ˈəsɪeɪkeɪljɑː]
10 ewo ewolia [ˈewəʊlɪɑː]
11 wuiɖekɛ
12 wuieve
13 wuietɔ̃
14 wuiene
15 wuiatɔ̃
16 wuiade
17 wuiadre
18 wuienyi
19 wuiasieke
20 blaeve
21 blaeve-vɔ̃-ɖekɛ
22 blaeve-vɔ̃-eve
23 blaeve-vɔ̃-etɔ̃
24 blaeve-vɔ̃-ene
25 blaeve-vɔ̃-atɔ̃
26 blaeve-vɔ̃-ade
27 blaeve-vɔ̃-adrɛ
28 blaeve-vɔ̃-enyi
29 blaeve-vɔ̃-asieke
30 blaetɔ̃
40 blaene
50 blaatɔ̃
60 blaade
70 blaadre
80 blaenyi
90 blaasieke
100 alafa ɖeka [əlæfɑː ɖɛkɑː]
101 alafa ɖeka kple ɖeka
1,000 akpe ɖeka [ək͡pɛ ɖɛkɑː]
10,000 akpe ewo
1,000,000 miliɔn ɖeka



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