Numbers in Cherokee (ᏣᎳᎩ / Tsalagi)

Information about counting in Cherokee, a Southern Iroquoian language spoken in North Carolina, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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Numeral Cardinal numbers
0 Ꮭ ᎪᏍᏗ (tla gosdi)
1 ᏐᏬ (sowo)
2 ᏔᎵ (tali)
3 ᏦᎢ (tsoi)
4 ᏅᎩ (nvgi)
5 ᎯᏍᎩ (hisgi)
6 ᏑᏓᎵ (sudali)
7 ᎦᎵᏉᎩ (galiquogi)
8 ᏧᏁᎳ (tsunela)
9 ᏐᏁᎳ (sonela)
10 ᏍᎪᎯ (sgohi)
11 ᏌᏚ (sadu)
12 ᏔᎵᏚ (talidu)
13 ᏦᎦᏚ (tsogadu)
14 ᏂᎦᏚ (nigadu)
15 ᎯᏍᎦᏚ (hisgadu)
16 ᏓᎳᏚ (daladu)
17 ᎦᎵᏆᏚ (galiquadu)
18 ᏁᎳᏚ (neladu)
19 ᏐᏁᎳᏚ (soneladu)
20 ᏔᎵᏍᎪᎯ (talisgohi)
21 ᏔᎵᏍᎪ ᏐᏬ (talisgo sowo)
22 ᏔᎵᏍᎪ ᏔᎵ (talisgo tali)
23 ᎦᏔᎵᏍᎪ ᏦᎢ (talisgo tsoi)
24 ᏔᎵᏍᎪ ᏅᎩ (talisgo nvgi)
25 ᏔᎵᏍᎪ ᎯᏍᎩ (talisgo hisgi)
26 ᏔᎵᏍᎪ ᏑᏓᎵ (talisgo sudali)
27 ᏔᎵᏍᎪ ᎦᎵᏉᎩ (talisgo galiquogi)
28 ᏔᎵᏍᎪ ᏧᏁᎳ (talisgo tsunela)
29 ᏔᎵᏍᎪ ᏐᏁᎳ (talisgo sonela)
30 ᏦᎢᏍᎪᎯ (tsoisgohi)
40 ᏅᎩᏍᎪᎯ (nvgisgohi)
50 ᎯᏍᎩᏍᎪᎯ (hisgisgohi)
60 ᏑᏓᎵᏍᎪᎯ (sudalisgohi)
70 ᎦᎵᏆᏍᎪᎯ (galiquasgohi)
80 ᏧᏁᎳᏍᎪᎯ (tsunelasgohi)
90 ᏐᏁᎳᏍᎪᎯ (sonelasgohi)
100 ᏍᎪᎯᏥᏆ (sgohitsiqua)
200 ᏔᎵᏍᎪᎯᏥᏆ (talisgohitsiqua)
300 ᏦᏍᎪᎯᏥᏆ (tsosgohitsiqua)
400 ᏅᎩᏍᎪᎯᏥᏆ (nvgisgohitsiqua)
500 ᎯᏍᎩᏍᎪᎯᏥᏆ (hisgisgohitsiqua)
600 ᏑᏓᎵᏍᎪᎯᏥᏆ (sudalisgohitsiqua)
700 ᎦᎵᏆᏍᎪᎯᏥᏆ (galiquasgohitsiqua)
800 ᏧᏁᎵᏍᎪᎯᏥᏆ (tsunelisgohitsiqua)
900 ᏐᏁᎵᏍᎪᎯᏥᏆ (sonelisgohitsiqua)
1,000 ᎢᏯᎦᏴᎵ (iyagayvli)

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